Gamers                      YrnhunchoTendru has been killing it in the Twitch community and has decided to join our community as well. He has a list of all the games that he is normally streaming, you can usually catch him getting a highlight on 2k21 on the Playstation. Go give his channel a view and see if you liked his stream as much as we did.                          Catch Trapkam streaming Warzone with his crew. Great gamer can actually learn a thing or two or find out a new tip while watching him. Give him a follow/subscribe and give him a watch and see what you learn.                        Mr_cap52 when he's not selling cars or taking pictures he's usually playing the game. Catch him playing some new Shooting or Sports game either way he's good at both and takes any challenge. Send him a challenge if you think you can beat him.                  Come watch Jokaveli live! Another gamer streaming on Twitch and doing great too. Usually playing GTA V or trying to win the Super Bowl in a Madden 21 League. Go check him out. 

The CEO of Musically Gamed. Catch him usually streaming after 7pm on any day, rare if you see him before but always a good watch. Bio says it all follow him and subscribe.