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You Get Out What You Put In

The outcome is the result of what is placed in the income.  If you dont work hard or consistently try to make yourself better everyday. Then don't be surprised when you're in the same position or going through the same emotions you were yesterday. You can only Control what YOU do and feel. Example time; If you had to finish reading a book that will guarantee to bring true happiness or some financial freedom, you would read it or "hopefully" you would unless you're already good. Now you're probably not going to finish overnight unless you just work that hard but if you read for a hour everyday. By the end of week 2 you should be finished. Based on if you did extra work or read longer one day or increased your reading time (income), then  you would've finished quicker and reached your goal quicker (outcome). If you decided that you won't even read or try to listen to it through audio book.  If you give up on yourself then I know you will give up in other situations as well. Put in the Work! "I hustle like there's not a second left"-Sean Combs. Put the Energy and Time into yourself so You can Elevate and follow your Heart. Peace✌🏽 


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