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YOU can only Change YOU

You know what is your why and if You don't You need to find out quick. You need to know yourself. The reason things haven't changed around You or You keep seeking change is because You,  yourself has not changed. It sounds crazy but honestly You just need to find yourself. Find what makes You happy and keeps You going. Find out what makes You mad or upset. You are human. We all are Gods & Goddesses/ Kings & Queens. Just need to believe it yourself. If You are constantly trying to improve everyday, then improving in life is something that will eventually happen. If You want to achieve goals in life You have to set them first. How are You going to make somebody else happy when You yourself don't know how to be happy? If You can't Love yourself how can You possibly Love someone else? You can change you for the better and if you're already doing good, keep doing good King/Queen. Enjoy Yourself. Love. Peace.

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