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Love Yourself

Suicides have increased this year and will continue to grow until people do something for themselves. One way to help; just love yourself. Of course its always easier said then done.1st Step is finding out/realizing what is causing the feeling or what triggers it.  You also have to realise that it is just that; an emotion. Once the bad thought/emotion is triggered then just accept it as a emotion and ask yourself some Questions. Can the situation be Fixed as a whole or even a little at this very moment? If yes, then do everything you possibly can and even then some to resolve it. If the answer is no, then don't stress it will only make it worse. Its the #1 Killer for a reason. We're all going to die someday dont speed up the process and do it yourself.Love Yourself to the Max! Whatever makes you Smile or puts you back in a Peace place then do it, put your Happiness 1st. Do not mistake a problem/addiction as the solution. Really meditate or be alone to see what makes you Happy then go for it. Read The Next Blog for some Helpful information and Tips to Prevent the thoughts or suicide itself.🙂☮

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