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Be a Kid Again

When I Say "be a kid again" the meaning is more of; Follow your dreams, Live life to the Fullest, be a sponge (try to learn everything) and just Listen (which some kids didn't do). 1.Follow your dreams and do what makes you Happy. You only have ONE Life and if You're going to work hard majority of your life for something at least make it something you like and giving your time to.                                       2. Be a Sponge, soak up all the information that you read and hear and also question everything so you understand even more.         3. Live Life to the Fullest you only have one and you can't get that back or time so do something that makes you happy and worth giving your time too.                                             4. JUST LISTEN: Even Adults have a Hard time still doing this one but listening could help your life financially, emotionally, and physically. Especially someone who is Happy with themselves and reaching their own goals.




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