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Shoutout Musically Gamed and my boy for the hookup on the chair💪. Hit the shop.

Justin in NC

"Thanks man really needed this, the controller is smooth."

Ray in NC

This chair is really helping out my back, doesn't hurt when I play the game for a long time

Game Chair review

"Got to me expeditiously and it is a great game. Can't beat the price for sure!"

Daquan in Arizona



Gamers & Music Lovers

Musically Gamed was made for the people that can't go a day without listening to music at least once, or playing the game at some point in their day. Every electronic device to lisen to music on, no matter what you're doing or where you're going. Every game accessory no matter what system your playing even if you're using your phone. Check out our inventory and tell us what you think.

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